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i know it's an insanely large goal, but who cares? I don't expect to ever fill it. however, if anyone is ever generous enough, things i will use these points for is to buy a premium membership (hopefully), buy commisions, prints, and to give points to others.

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Team Fixit Mystery Dungeon by I-am-a-mindles-drone
Team Fixit Mystery Dungeon
Not much to say here because I still need to Change the main file. Sai's acting up. But I got new pens! And a ds emulator with a digital copy of Explorers of Time, so I decided to draw my team at the time. I no longer have Clora the lileep because her stats and moves were just... lacking. I have Milo the shinx now. I'll get a different drawing for that. So! The team consists of Dusk the skitty, Petee the cyndaquil, Syrah the shellos (surprisingly useful!), and, as already mentioned, Clora the lileep. yay! Introductions are over. Hope you like it!

:EDIT: File changed!

Characters and art © me :iconi-am-a-mindles-drone:
Pokémon © Nintendo
Stylized Niko by I-am-a-mindles-drone
Stylized Niko
THAT GRASS WAS AWFUL TO DO. Sorry for disappearing for the longest time. Can you believe I still have to scan all my drawing since Christmas? I've been that busy. I got a job! ...If only for a month or two. Easy come. easy go. But this isn't a journal! So back to the drawing. This is a test? A sneak peek? For a nuzlocke I'll be doing soon. Hopefully. If I can find the free time. This was only supposed to be a doodle... So... How uch to explain... This is Niko. Stylized. Yeah. I probably won't be using this style in the comic, but I'll let you in on a secret: I can't bulbasaur. I've been trying to find every way around it and this was another last-ditch attempt. Why the colors? It's a randomizer! I wanted to make the environment match the off-colored-ness of the pokemon, hence the sky and ground. And I've discovered the secret of shading reflections! I hope the rest of the comic will be this fun to do...

Get the randomizer here!…
Niko © Me :iconi-am-a-mindles-drone:
Bulbasaur © Pokémon © Nintendo
Art © Me :iconi-am-a-mindles-drone:
Goldeen Two Color Challenge by I-am-a-mindles-drone
Goldeen Two Color Challenge
In my defense, this golden is drawn from memory. And personally, I like it better. I really can't stand actual goldeens. Whatever, that's not what this is about. Can I count this as I speed draw? I'd like to think so, as it was all done in one sitting. This took two, maybe three hours? It's just something completely random. I thought that the scales on the head were as small as they would get, but then I had some fun with the closest fin, and it was all over from there. I'm so done with this. It's 1:35 a.m. and I have to work tomorrow. Woops. Guess I'm done here; Enjoy!

Inspired b ikimaru's color palette challenges.…

Art © me :iconi-am-a-mindles-drone:
Goldeen © Pokémon © Nintendo
End of the Day by I-am-a-mindles-drone
End of the Day
Last photo of this bundle, and another from that sunshower. This was probably half an hour later. Silhouettes always make nice pictures, and the title comes from the fact that it looks like the evening in video games. That, and the fact that I finally got home where I could relax, signalling the end of the day for me too. Enjoy! 

photo © me :iconi-am-a-mindles-drone:
Sunshower by I-am-a-mindles-drone
The sunlight in the weather about five minutes after the previous picture. Sunshowers are rare in Texas, so it seemed pretty striking to me. 

Photo © me :iconi-am-a-mindles-drone:
I'm so sorry it took me so long to submit anything! I'm so ashamed 0_0 I've been back for quite a while really, just haven't had the nerve to submit anything. But here! I've taken a trip or two in the meantime, so that means pictures! I'll plague your inbox to make up for my absence! 
Oh! I guess in news I've done my best to improve on drawing people, so you might actually see some of those now. I've also finally figured out a color filter scheme I've been trying to do for the last 3 years, and best of all, I got a tablet! I never knew tablets could do so much... no wonder so many artists have them. I shouldn't have had any hope without it. Anyway, I'll quit procrastinating here and get to the real submissions now. ^^

:Edit: Wow, I really hate when I take too long to do things. I'm out of time according to parents, but I might get up and finish submitting things later tonight. See ya!
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emphasis on MINDLESS
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a mindless drone who stares off often, thinking about many things, but when trying to remember finds the mind blank.

. . . just kidding. by the way, if you find some way to view my "age", i'm a few years younger than the age displayed. when i made my account i was super paranoid, and now i can't go back to change it.

I also seem to have this habit of submitting different versions of the same thing due to indecisiveness. Hope you don't mind!

and i appreciate the time it takes to thanks me for faving your works and stuff, but do i have to reply to every single one? you're welcome guys i wouldn' fav it if i didn't like it!!

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